The Homeowner’s Guide to Outdoor Water Management and Gutter Maintenance

Print this and staple it to your garage wall to ensure that you’re always a step ahead of any water related problems!


  • Do a visual walk around the house after the snow has melted to see if you have any issues with downspout extensions. 
  • Check to see if gutter system has been damaged due to snow/ice dams on the roof.
  • Check to see if you have any pooling water around the foundation of your home.
  • Check to see if any of the dirt around you foundation has settled.
  • Place downspouts in the down position if you have raised them over the winter


  • Make sure to put downspout extensions in the down position after mowing 
  • Keep an eye on your gutter system during rains to make sure you don’t have any clogged downspouts or leaky corner


  • Make sure to have the gutters and downspouts cleaned out after most of the leaves surrounding your house have fallen for the year.
  • Place downspout extensions in the up position for the winter months, this will avoid having them damaged due to heavy snow loads on top of them.


  • Monitor your roof after heavy snow falls.  You want some snow on the roof as this is a natural insulator for your home, but too much can be a problem. If you have excessive snow on your roof call us to have this removed professionally. This can be dangerous and cause lots of damage to roofs and gutters if not done correctly
  • Watch for ice dams.  This is when you get large buildups of Ice in your gutters or have large icicles hanging down.  Again, call us to have these removed if they get too big. 

Provided by Valley Gutter Service – Fargo, ND